Our heart failure specialists address each patient’s individual needs with state of the art therapies delivered by physicians with unique training and experience in managing this condition.

Heart failure occurs when your heart muscle is not functioning as well as it should. There are two kinds of heart failure. If the left ventricle (lower left chamber of the heart) is not contracting properly it is called systolic heart failure or heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. If the ventricles are stiff and do not relax and fill properly it is called diastolic heart failure or heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Ejection fraction is the measurement of blood that is pumped out of your heart with each heartbeat.

Advanced heart failure occurs when patients have unique causes of heart failure or have heart failure that doesn’t respond to normal measures.

Our goal is to help improve your quality of life, decrease negative symptoms and to slow the progression of heart failure. Our heart failure team also includes individuals with unique expertise in the management of pulmonary hypertension.

Common Conditions Treated

Advanced Heart Failure Team:

Danette Sanford, DNP, MSN, ANP-BC, AACC
Stephanie Nelms, RN
Daphne Mohon, RN