Call (205) 510-5000 or complete this online request form to schedule an appointment with one of the physicians at Cardiovascular Associates.

Although you will initially be seen by one physician, you may be referred to another cardiologist in our practice with a sub-specialty that can better contribute to your case. Our cardiologists work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for all of our patients. As a patient of CVA, you continually benefit from the expertise and collaboration of our entire medical team.

If you are an established patient and have an urgent need to see your cardiologist during regular office hours, please call (205) 510-5000. If you need cardiology care after hours or on the weekend, call (205) 510-5000 and leave your name and phone number with our answering service. One of our on-call team will contact you as soon as possible.

Our physicians rotate after hours and weekend call, so there is a chance that you may speak with and receive treatment from someone other than the physician to whom you are accustomed. All of our physicians are highly qualified, and your health is the top priority for our entire healthcare team.